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You say to yourself, I want to make money online

Make MoneyYou have done it now, you just cut off all your free time, you just said no to the weekend football games, you just told your family I’m on a mission to get us out of here. Most people who try to start a business online don’t achieve success, the facts remain that this business is one that has taken in a great many and only kicks out a select few to succeed. The truth is about 97% of people who start a stay at home or online business fail. The truth is there are more failures then there are successes.

Where others failed, you can succeed, where others didn’t know what to do you will have the proper training and skills to get your business off the ground. so what do you need to do first. well if you haven’t seen the first post please go here to read it

Once your mind is right and your pointed in the right direction you need to get real with yourself, you need to work on preparing yourself so that means looking at your profile and asking yourself some real questions?

From the outside looking in, like as if your an outsider you have to ask?

Would I join me?

Do I look trustworthy?

Are you attracting people to you?

Can I commit to a process?

So many questions start here lets dive in to this again, look at your profile, weather it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatever social media, I suggest you only choose one to become good at, while most people will choose Facebook, you might feel you have an audience and it could be on Snapchat, it could be some where else. The truth of the matter is as a newbie those other networks might just be the best thing for you, cause we all know everyone is on Facebook so if you go after people on another network that’s probably a good thing. Less saturation, and I always though the engagement on twitter was always better.

Your profile pic on any social media needs to be a picture of you, and here is the thing you don’t have to have a studio headshot, if you have an iPhone or a good cell phone the camera is going to be able to not only take pictures, but also video. Now don’t get me wrong you can go out and buy other equipment but you don’t need it.  I’ve been there saying to myself I need this video camera, oh and I need that camera, but all that does not matter you just need a clear picture.

Did you know that you can download all your history, and do a little self cleaning if you know what I mean. You can look back at all the old post and remove the post or hide the post if the memory is just too much to delete. This is something new that we all have access to but most people don’t know it can take a day or two before you can download, all the videos all the pictures, everything so that’ very helpful in this situation

I ran into a program that I use that helped me tremendously when I was having issues with engagement, and I just didn’t seem to get people connected to my Facebook profile I was tired of paying thousands of dollars only to see that it was not any better then what I found on YouTube for free, so I dropped a little money, and with in the first 3 videos I had changed the whole scope of my business, not only was I getting engagement I was making money from my programs.

Having an online business is a beautiful thing

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