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Starting your own business now you need to get your mindset right

start your own business

When I first had aspirations of making money online all I could think about was making huge amounts of money . The truth was I just wanted to get paid. I could see other people winning at making money online and I felt I deserved the same. I had made a little bit of money online but not anything to sustain a life, I might be able to pay for coffee or eat lunch, but not much more than that. I had not looked at what others before me had done and accomplished, the work, and the desire to never quit resonated with them, but all I saw was the money, not the hard work, the failures, we only like to see and promote the success, but we all have failures it’s how you deal with them that makes or breaks you in this business.

What I didn’t understand was that my mindset was predicated on only making money and not helping other people. You know there are massive amounts of people who have come before you looking for the same prize. The hardest thing in this type of business is to stay the path to success and not do what most people do which is quit. They see other and want their stories they want that life, its one thing to set a goal, but don’t try to be someone else be yourself. You may think your boring, or you have nothing to offer, or have a bad self image, I am here to tell you your wrong.

Everyone has a story I didn’t grow up rich, I didn’t graduate high school, I worked most of my adult life, I didn’t enroll in college till I was 41, I have been married before this is my second marriage, I have two beautiful kids and now with my wife we have 7 kids in total. My point is everyone has a story don’t say yours is not the same worth as someone else. You never know who you could touch with your story.

So getting your mind right is the key here, if you think your family is going to be supportive, your wrong, dead wrong. Those closest to you will cut you deeper than anyone else, but I want to tell you its not intentional. It normally happens because the FEAR of you making money from something they don’t understand, they will project their own fears on you.

I myself find it better to join a group of like minded people who are all trying to achieve the same goal online. That way when times are tough you have genuine people who been there done that and want success just as bad as you. While I had a great facebook page I put together of like minded people guess what FB banned my page and now I have to start over, so I’m going to invite you to a group of like minded people who are trying to do the same thing, make money online. We all may be doing this under some program or opportunity, or we may be searching for one. Just remember stay positive keep moving toward the mark.

1. Listen to things that motivate you , Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Tony Robbins ( a simple search will yield hundreds of videos)

2. Live in a mindset of abundance, by doing this your need is crushed by your mindset of limitless abundance

3. Request to join our New FB group.

4. Start thinking like a BOSS, not an arrogant person but someone who attracts money, who attracts people who want to learn and know what they do, start thinking that you are important and your ready to create your life now

Right now this is slow but, speed up it will.

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