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Preparing to grow your online business in 2018

Email is so important going into 2018

If you didn’t know it’s the end of 2017 we are going into a whole different year and mindset, are you ready? Are you preparing to grow your online business in 2018? What do you plan on doing with 365 days in 2018? If your like me your trying to take advantage of this small amount of time before the new year is here, and below are my tips for making 2018 a huge success to your online business.

Close up any loops in your business, for example any domain info that needs updating, and any new domains that need to be purchased get this out of the way and started before 2018, you want to go into 2018 with some social proof. Now days it’s all about the social proof, the Facebook page needs to be seasoned, and post need to be value adding other wise people drop off your list like flies.

2018 is the year of adding value to your list, your customers, your employees, your business. We all know how hard it is to come up with content day in and day out it’s not easy at all but if you push your self to read something other than the funnies in the Sunday paper you can find tons of things to discuss. I found and old website that you plug some words into and it helps feed you content for your blog or business blog take a look:


You enter one word and it gives you titles to blog post for example I put in the word email (Since I’m talking a lot about email below are the responses it gave):

  1. Who Really uses emails?
  2. Don’t Hold Back your email.
  3. How emails changed how we think about death.
  4. Why emails are scarier than dating Taylor Swift
  5. How emails made me a better person.

You get the picture this little website gives you ideas, now they may not all be the best, but I’m sure with some thought you can come up with some great headlines which will help you achieve better open rates on your emails.

Last but not least, I found that if you give things away, you gain more, let me explain someone else is already giving away the content your holding on to. Thus if you in an online business while your holding on the your signature product trying to mike it for all the money you can, the next man or woman is giving the same content away for free. If your really preparing to grow your online business in 2018 you need to catch up with the times.  I’m not saying everything you do should be given away for free, but with so much free content out there, if you start giving some of it away people will find you, and if your free content is good, just imagine the perceived value people think they will get from your paid program.

Keep grinding for 2017, and lets start 2018 off on the best foot possible. No more BS.



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