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Preparing to grow your online business in 2018

Email is so important going into 2018

If you didn’t know it’s the end of 2017 we are going into a whole different year and mindset, are you ready? Are you preparing to grow your online business in 2018? What do you plan on doing with 365 days in 2018? If your like me your trying to take advantage of this small amount of time before the new year is here, and below are my tips for making 2018 a huge success to your online business.

Close up any loops in your business, for example any domain info that needs updating, and any new domains that need to be purchased get this out of the way and started before 2018, you want to go into 2018 with some social proof. Now days it’s all about the social proof, the Facebook page needs to be seasoned, and post need to be value adding other wise people drop off your list like flies.

2018 is the year of adding value to your list, your customers, your employees, your business. We all know how hard it is to come up with content day in and day out it’s not easy at all but if you push your self to read something other than the funnies in the Sunday paper you can find tons of things to discuss. I found and old website that you plug some words into and it helps feed you content for your blog or business blog take a look:


You enter one word and it gives you titles to blog post for example I put in the word email (Since I’m talking a lot about email below are the responses it gave):

  1. Who Really uses emails?
  2. Don’t Hold Back your email.
  3. How emails changed how we think about death.
  4. Why emails are scarier than dating Taylor Swift
  5. How emails made me a better person.

You get the picture this little website gives you ideas, now they may not all be the best, but I’m sure with some thought you can come up with some great headlines which will help you achieve better open rates on your emails.

Last but not least, I found that if you give things away, you gain more, let me explain someone else is already giving away the content your holding on to. Thus if you in an online business while your holding on the your signature product trying to mike it for all the money you can, the next man or woman is giving the same content away for free. If your really preparing to grow your online business in 2018 you need to catch up with the times.  I’m not saying everything you do should be given away for free, but with so much free content out there, if you start giving some of it away people will find you, and if your free content is good, just imagine the perceived value people think they will get from your paid program.

Keep grinding for 2017, and lets start 2018 off on the best foot possible. No more BS.




Proof your business from a virtual Solar Eclipse

Prepare for it

A solar eclipse happens when the moon moves directly in the path of the sun, only allowing you at its peek to see the outer edges of the sun. Go with me here as a small business owner how would it effect you and your business if something stood right in the path between you and your customers?

I mean how could you fix this problem? Would you take this as a sign that it’s the end of your business? I mean you could go from making $1000 per day to $100 a day. That would be the proverbial nail in the coffin of any business that kind of revenue loss could be devastating.

So how do you protect your business from outsiders who can come in throw a lot of money on the table and steal all your customer? This story I’m creating is just an example of real life. Right now you could be on top, but tomorrow you could be down in the dumps, about to loose everything. How do you deal with that?

  1. First you must not put all your eggs in one basket, as a business owner you cannot allow one source of income to produce more then 35% of your over all revenue. As an example if you have a photography business, you cannot just rely on Family Portraits, as a photographer you must divest in other sources of income, such as some commercial contracts that pay very well, but don’t always come through out the year just like wedding photography (seasonal).
  2. As a business owner you must have some cash for reserves to ensure that during the hard times you can still take care of the business. Keeping your staff count low, and ensure you always look for the best price. You must keep up with your cost, and watch your vendors.
  3. I just said watch your vendors, when times are great everyone knows it and when they do, the dollar signs show. So keep your business to yourself, don’t give so much information to your vendor who’s coming in just to check on you. Most of the time they are doing a quick recon mission to see how things are going just so they can soften the conversation about that 10% increase in the cost of supplies that are going up with no reason as to why.
  4. Enjoy your business so many of us get caught up with blinders all zoned in on one thing the money, that we neglect to see when people are reaching out to us such as the employee that has found a way to keep some cost down, not by being cheap, but by surveying the land for more then one vendor every 6 months. Or they see new competition in their neighborhood that could cause issues for your business, it’s always good to treat your employees with respect and they will respond with a loyalty you can’t imagine.
  5. Last your business has thrived because you treat every customer as if they were your last. Customer service in the “now economy” is the key to obtaining new business, and definitely keeping business. You can’t expect to grow with out continued business from your most loyal customers. Remember there are good customers that allow you to make a profit, love your product and champion your business to other, and then there are those who want to nickle and dime you on everything you sale. You have to know the difference yes treat them the same, but don’t bend over backwards  for those who give you resistance about price.
  6. You are the expert, make sure that you are getting what your worth and never discount your service, because if you do it, you may end up doing it again, and again, and again, you get the picture

The truth hurts indeed, but being prepared for the good times as well as the bad, any solar eclipse that comes for your business will regret they day they tried to take you on head to head.


Motivation for August 2017

New month new challenges

We are already on to another month, here we are 8 months into 2017, can you believe it? Where did the time go, I started my business at he very end of 2016, and found that the direction I was going was not where I wanted to go so I did a pivot. It’s not easy to have dreams and ideas that take so long to get up and running, but honestly if it was easy everyone would be doing it right.

So let me give you a run down the the businesses that I am currently in at this time.  Each one has it’s up and downs, as I have progressed I’m holding on to two things one where can go, and when I am able to get there.


MCA (Motor Club of America) is a company that has been around for 80 years, there main product is road side assistance, as an independent sales agent I pay for the service myself, but it also gives me the capability to gain commissions from people who sign up under me to do the same thing. Each person who comes into the company under this level pays $39.90 which pays 1st and last months premium. Then I get a commission for that sale of $80. I’m gonna let that sink in for a moment so you understand the numbers. Yes it’s crazy $40 spent by new signups, and I get $80 commission. Heres how this works most companies spend millions in advertising between, billboard, TV, Radio, and Social Media they could spend multi-millions overall. The great thing about MCA is that they decided to instead start a network of independent sales agent who do all the advertising and we reap the rewards in commissions. Here is the thing, it good money, but it’s not EASY Money, I have only been doing this for less then a month, now that my 1st month is almost over now it’s time to get this train moving.  In this kind of business they say learning the business is best and your first month is like a learning experience. The month of August is now here so I’m working this business now so eventually it can work for me.


I started Shopify some time ago when a company put out a challenge, they stated the startup was low cost and the training was FREE.  I love Free stuff so I joined, Shopify is a website that gives you an easy way to sell things online, it’s essentially an Ecommerce store that you create, you set up the theme, you set the prices, and the best part is you don’t have to house inventory. The business model they trained us on was a drop ship model where we never have to store the product at all. This program had some really great training, not only were they showing us how to set this up step by step, but from time to time they would also bring in new mentors people who were absolutely crushing it on shopify. That added mentor bonus was worth $1000 by it self but it was all free. I learned a lot from this program, one thing was if your running ads on Facebook or online, running just one ad was a no no, cause this caused your data to be wrong with no other thing to base success off of you were stuck with 1 data stream.

Affiliate Marketing

So here is where the dirt meets the pavement, Affiliate Marketing is a highly lucrative endeavor by itself, not only in the money you can make but also in the money you spend. So let me ask you a question, if for every $1 you gave me I gave you $3 back would you keep giving me $1? Yes of course you would because you know your going to make your money back plus profit if you give me that $1. The concept is not hard but when people find things to invest in online the first thing they like to say is, I don’t have anymore money, I am broke and I can’t spend any money. This happens a lot but it’s ok you don’t have to spend money, but remember if you don’t spend it’s going to be more of your time and effort to get your business up and running properly. It’s not impossible, and in the beginning if you don’t have money you will need to interact and talk to people more about whatever business you decide to run.

Lessons Learned for July 2017

  • Everything does not have to be perfect
  • Money spent has to be tracked to see if it was a good trade off
  • Don’t reach for shinny things, as you start one money making opportunity you will be tempted to start another, and another, only start one
  • Concentrate on one thing give it your all


Well the hours turned into days and here I am letting you know I didn’t forget about you, it’s just this is all a side hustle and I didn’t have time to write, I was concentrating on getting leads.


How do you get them? How do you keep them? How do you turn them from cold to hot leads? I think you have to have a process to funnel those leads into copy that not only sells them on what you have to offer, but also leads them to become raving fans. I have been reading two books lately that I have been so concentrated on, that nothing else has crept into my psyche.

  • Book #1 How to write copy that sells – Ray Edwards
  • Book #2 The 45 Second Presentation that will change your life – Don Failla

Each book has it’s own value, the first book if your selling anything online you have to have a process, and kick ass copy which is comprised of words, and those words can make or break your sales funnel. I find this book has all the pieces to the puzzle, without writing your sales funnel online would be non existent.

What can I say about “The 45 second presentation that will change your life” book that has not already been said? It’s not easy to get people to go your way. Honestly this book has been sitting in storage for years, never again opened until last night. It’s an easy read, probably could read in one sitting if you wanted. So simple but also so powerful. This book breaks down how to sell in any MLM business.  The concepts are so simple they just speak without words, if you get an opportunity read it.

No matter what business you have your going to need help in some places, don’t forget that books are a great resource, and if money is tight please join your local library where you can find all these books for free, get connected cause learning in any business is the life blood of growth.


I joined MCA to complete my challenge


I have made the handshake and joined MCA, this opportunity is just too big to pass up.

I have joined MCA, currently I have paid my $39.95 to be come a member, to be able to bring others into MCA and for every signup in this opportunity I will receive $80.  Now I been around the block for a long time, you will find out my again in due time, but here is the truth, people say when something is too good to be true it usually is, but here I found a almost 100 year old company to join that allows me to not only help me achieve my goals of financial freedom, but also allows me to help others.

Soon there will be more to come, but for now I have been reading, learning and soaking up the training I”m getting which btw only added $27 to my total cost of this opportunity. With the internet gone are the days of bringing people to meetings and such, now I can just direct them to my website and my video information explaining what it is that I am learning, and how you yourself can learn.

To see the opportunity that I have found please visit my new website Best9to5.com