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3 Mistakes that can destroy your online business.

Owning your own business, earning profits from your work,
succeeding and being recognized as a benchmark in your niche.
These are just a few of the things that have attracted more and
more people into the digital space.

Having an online business seems to be easy and fast, thus
becoming a simple way to make money with little effort.
The truth, however, is entirely different.
In our blog this week you will discover the 3 mistakes that
destroy your company’s online presence.


Mistake # 1: Not having a responsive website or blog
Mistake # 2: Not Knowing Your Audience Deeply
Mistake # 3: Being Hard To Find

Find more about these mistakes and protect your online




Don’t let others define you

Life ain’t easy and the ones we love don’t always love us back, but don’t let people define you. You think you have it bad, but if you only knew how bad other people have it. Change your life today, it begins with you and only you.


Happy New Year 2018, WE READY!


fireworks, fireworks 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Listen I hope you were able to enjoy family, and fun over these last few weeks, it’s been a crazy 2017. At times I didn’t know if I could make it, so many things falling around me, when life takes over you loose some of yourself.  You start asking if what your doing is worth it, if it’s all cracked up to be. You doubt yourself, you doubt the process, you doubt everything.

When life looks at you like your not worthy this is the time when you gotta make moves to secure your position, squeeze out some type of space, carve out a little slice for yourself. In other words breathe.

We are solid into 2018, tell me if your a business owner what are you doing to educate yourself on those things you may not like for 2018. Understand this we are living in the best of times, if you thought the 90’s were great the next few years are gonna make the 90’s look like the ice age. The only people left behind will be those who are too lazy to educate themselves. Those who would rather watch from the side lines then to stop watching their favorate TV shows. BTW I don’t watch TV much anymore unless my work is done, and then I’m not really watching, I’m looking at FB post or IG, or snapchat.

In 2018 I’m already running 3 campaigns for my new CryptoCurrency e-book, I’m running an affiliate offer for a course I’m in, and I’m taking action. If your in business for yourself let me know, what your doing, and if you need help send me a message. If your not starting your business in 2018 tell me why? Are you just gonna sit on the side lines and watch others change their lives, while you keep living yours, lets talk leave a message in the comments.

Stay locked cause 2018 is my YEAR!

Lets get there together.