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Motivation for August 2017

New month new challenges

We are already on to another month, here we are 8 months into 2017, can you believe it? Where did the time go, I started my business at he very end of 2016, and found that the direction I was going was not where I wanted to go so I did a pivot. It’s not easy to have dreams and ideas that take so long to get up and running, but honestly if it was easy everyone would be doing it right.

So let me give you a run down the the businesses that I am currently in at this time.  Each one has it’s up and downs, as I have progressed I’m holding on to two things one where can go, and when I am able to get there.


MCA (Motor Club of America) is a company that has been around for 80 years, there main product is road side assistance, as an independent sales agent I pay for the service myself, but it also gives me the capability to gain commissions from people who sign up under me to do the same thing. Each person who comes into the company under this level pays $39.90 which pays 1st and last months premium. Then I get a commission for that sale of $80. I’m gonna let that sink in for a moment so you understand the numbers. Yes it’s crazy $40 spent by new signups, and I get $80 commission. Heres how this works most companies spend millions in advertising between, billboard, TV, Radio, and Social Media they could spend multi-millions overall. The great thing about MCA is that they decided to instead start a network of independent sales agent who do all the advertising and we reap the rewards in commissions. Here is the thing, it good money, but it’s not EASY Money, I have only been doing this for less then a month, now that my 1st month is almost over now it’s time to get this train moving.  In this kind of business they say learning the business is best and your first month is like a learning experience. The month of August is now here so I’m working this business now so eventually it can work for me.


I started Shopify some time ago when a company put out a challenge, they stated the startup was low cost and the training was FREE.  I love Free stuff so I joined, Shopify is a website that gives you an easy way to sell things online, it’s essentially an Ecommerce store that you create, you set up the theme, you set the prices, and the best part is you don’t have to house inventory. The business model they trained us on was a drop ship model where we never have to store the product at all. This program had some really great training, not only were they showing us how to set this up step by step, but from time to time they would also bring in new mentors people who were absolutely crushing it on shopify. That added mentor bonus was worth $1000 by it self but it was all free. I learned a lot from this program, one thing was if your running ads on Facebook or online, running just one ad was a no no, cause this caused your data to be wrong with no other thing to base success off of you were stuck with 1 data stream.

Affiliate Marketing

So here is where the dirt meets the pavement, Affiliate Marketing is a highly lucrative endeavor by itself, not only in the money you can make but also in the money you spend. So let me ask you a question, if for every $1 you gave me I gave you $3 back would you keep giving me $1? Yes of course you would because you know your going to make your money back plus profit if you give me that $1. The concept is not hard but when people find things to invest in online the first thing they like to say is, I don’t have anymore money, I am broke and I can’t spend any money. This happens a lot but it’s ok you don’t have to spend money, but remember if you don’t spend it’s going to be more of your time and effort to get your business up and running properly. It’s not impossible, and in the beginning if you don’t have money you will need to interact and talk to people more about whatever business you decide to run.

Lessons Learned for July 2017

  • Everything does not have to be perfect
  • Money spent has to be tracked to see if it was a good trade off
  • Don’t reach for shinny things, as you start one money making opportunity you will be tempted to start another, and another, only start one
  • Concentrate on one thing give it your all