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How to stay consistent, in an ever changing reality

be consistent

I’ve been making money online since January 2017, I thought it all came down to the right words on a website, having the right signup or opt-in page, but the truth here is consistency, you must be consistent, and that just means you need to do this every day, you must treat this like a job, not a hobby.  Most people jump into online marketing, or affiliate marketing and they have these huge lofty goals, trying to make everything stick to the wall. They just spiral from there to thinking they need this program or that program, again over time it causes you to splinter your time and you never really catch traction.

So how do you stay consistent?

You must always remind yourself to do that thing you don’t wanna do. Heres what I mean your going to have to set a schedule, not only a schedule of time that you will work your business, but also a time you will post or engage your audience, this is a must.  Over the years I have done many things trying to make money, and if there is one thing that was always needed to succeed it’s consistency.

  • Schedule Time
  • Early Morning
  • Lunch Time
  • Evening

Choose one of the above that will help you find that time that you keep saying you don’t have, it’s something that your gonna have to do.

If you take your business serious it will reward you seriously, I don’t mean to talk in small circles but I need you to understand get consistent.

Post Every day, if that’s something you don’t wanna do then post every other day, but be come consistent

Some social media you can post multiple times a day 2-3 times, others you just can’t do this it’s too much and your libel to run your following off

So lets get consistent

Remember these tips are free and as we go things will get more involved but we are laying down a foundation

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