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How do I get leads, cause that is what runs my business


Well the hours turned into days and here I am letting you know I didn’t forget about you, it’s just this is all a side hustle and I didn’t have time to write, I was concentrating on getting leads.


How do you get them? How do you keep them? How do you turn them from cold to hot leads? I think you have to have a process to funnel those leads into copy that not only sells them on what you have to offer, but also leads them to become raving fans. I have been reading two books lately that I have been so concentrated on, that nothing else has crept into my psyche.

  • Book #1 How to write copy that sells – Ray Edwards
  • Book #2 The 45 Second Presentation that will change your life – Don Failla

Each book has it’s own value, the first book if your selling anything online you have to have a process, and kick ass copy which is comprised of words, and those words can make or break your sales funnel. I find this book has all the pieces to the puzzle, without writing your sales funnel online would be non existent.

What can I say about “The 45 second presentation that will change your life” book that has not already been said? It’s not easy to get people to go your way. Honestly this book has been sitting in storage for years, never again opened until last night. It’s an easy read, probably could read in one sitting if you wanted. So simple but also so powerful. This book breaks down how to sell in any MLM business.  The concepts are so simple they just speak without words, if you get an opportunity read it.

No matter what business you have your going to need help in some places, don’t forget that books are a great resource, and if money is tight please join your local library where you can find all these books for free, get connected cause learning in any business is the life blood of growth.

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