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Day 6 – How to create a product that you can promote on your website for traffic and possible customers

In order to make real money online, you are going to have to create a signature product that is created by you, directed by you, sourced by you, and sold by you. In order to sell a product you have to create a sales funnel. This is how you guide people to your site, walk them through a process to purchase your signature product.

Now we honestly don’t have the time to discuss all this in one post, but the reason I spoke of this is because you need to create your own products.  To truly create wealth in online marketing/business you need your own course/product.

Here are some products you can look at that will allow you to create the sales funnel, and the email communications (Affiliate Links) below.

If you have ever thought of trying or buying either one of these products, please help me out and use my link, honestly it would be nice to be able to buy a cup of coffee.

ClickFunnels (short link) http://bit.ly/2sM0lh0

GetResponse (short link) http://bit.ly/2tOGttj

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