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Day 5 – Research


Focus on the goal, not the distraction

Today I searched some websites, and youtube to see if I could find some new information.

Remember the best search engine on the planet is youtube.com you can find anything, learn anything it is by far one of the best search engines right behind google.com

I found some new ways to make money which I will share with you soon, I’m going to work on my affiliate networks, I keep checking Jvzoo.com, but as of yet no vendor has answered me back. (This is really slowing up my progress in getting this affiliate stuff working for me)

Today I did make $48.95 for a product that I have never promoted on my Shopify account that’s awesome, tomorrow I will drop into the analytics to see where this person came from, and what made them click for my product.

I found some tips and tricks on using youtube to promote your channel, and your affiliate links.

More later

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