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Day 3 – Website optimization, Affiliate Marketing, and getting sucked in again, it’s like gambling OMG



Once again I stayed up too late, I watched TV most of the night, I gotta say I have an addiction to TV, Designated Survivor to be more specific this is what happens when someone says “Oh this show is amazing you could watch it, and I’m like Hell no” then I get home and out of the blue guess what pops up on my Hulu.com? I was up till probably 3AM, then woke up this morning about 7:49AM, but I just lounged in bed till I looked up and it was 10AM. A great start to my morning I think not, but now you know my M.O. and I do too much TV which leads me to ask myself if I know the problem, then I also know the solution.

Website Optimization

Today I am concentrating on making sure my website is installed properly, ready for google to index it, and also has all the plugins that I need to keep up with my traffic. Web traffic is the do or die in online marketing. You either have it or you don’t. At this time I’m not getting any traffic so I think it’s better to optimize now rather than later.

I installed a plug in on my website called Askismet the reason you need this plugin is because it helps with spam. One thing about the internet, while there are billions online doing normal things, there are also Bots doing other abnormal things. Bots are programs that people make, simple and plain. The program can allow a bot to do a specific task, such as copy the front page of a website for changes, then report back those changes. This is how companies keep up with the competition. Most bots are harmless, but others are destructive. Imagine while you sleep bots are working 100% of the time, no breaks, no sick days, just working. When people have bots that destroy this can hurt not only your website but your business if you rely on your site for your only source of income. Akismet tries to stop comments on your website that are fake, and pose no real value to your site it’s just some bot trying to post links mostly porn to your comments sections of your website. Once Akismet is install it helps with more then 95% of fake comments, this is a must have plug in for any WordPress install.

Todo: I need to install my WordPress backup solution, FREE of course, you need this little handy plugin just in case, your site is compromized or something evil happens to it (I guess those are one in the same).


I took some time to look around JVZoo which is an affiliate marketing website where you can create info products to sell or you can become an affiliate and market those products and make a portion of the sales. This is where the fun begins, but I ran into a problem. Every product has to be approved before you can promote it, and that can take a day or two or maybe even a week.  I thought I was doing the right thing by looking over the website, then I ran into a product that I thought would be awesome, and I ended up buying it thinking or I just need that product because it’s going to help me when I start posting. Agggg I try to get out the door way of being a consumer and get sucked back in.

I played around with my new software it’s kind of awesome and using it, I think promoting this one should be fun, but I gotta wait and that’s taking too long it’s already been about 2 hours WTH.


I follow alot of people online, for various reason, sometimes it’s cause they are funny, and other times, it’s for the content.  I had been hearing alot of talk online about MCA, which is essentually a MLM. It’s for roadside assistance, seems like they been doing really well for years, I’m not sure if the money with them is something I want to get into. I mean I like my friends, but as I start to learn more and more about Affiliate Marketing and making money online, there should be some things I can create as some extra side money, if I can get past the thought of yet another product. Don’t get me wrong I watched a video, and it caught my attention, I really thought I didn’t want to be rich, but I guess I’m only fooling myself. I know I wanna be RICH, the internet sucked me in again, and caused me to loose focus.

Tell me do you get sucked in and easily distracted? How do you stay on task let me know in the comments.

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