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Day 2 – Affiliate Marketing Research, Website plugins, and

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Last night I stayed up way to late to even think about starting early on this blog. Life if you let it can distract you from your end goal. I started with my thoughts wrapped around some early morning research, about Affiliate Marketing. You see in order to make money online you have to sell something. Selling is one of the oldest professions, online you either sell physical goods, or digital goods (otherwise known as information products).

Affiliate marketing is where you take a link to a website or a product and post it on the internet, you can post it by email or as a link on a website, or as a banner ad on a website. The end game is to have people click on your link which is a special formed link that has some kind of code so that the purchase of that product shows as your id or company name thus you get paid.  Can you make money doing this? I can say YES with a LOUD voice.

There are networks out there that you can signup with such as commission junction, and Clickbank to name just a few. The bigger question is how do you get people to click on the link? And that my friend is where the true work of an online entrepreneur lies. Think of it this way whatever you write in your copy of that ad has to sell something, it has to speak to the person who is going to click, understanding copy is critical to an online business. Anyone can type up a few words to explain what copy means, but to really understand it you have to live it, breath it, and love it.

This morning I played around with Clickbank at first I was going to look for a new offer that I could promote something that would be amazing, but as I looked through all the products nothing really jumped out at me and I got a little frustrated. More on my frustration in another post.

After this I decided to look at some notes I was making the other day concerning a list of things that can help you succeed in online marketing. When you direct people to your offers online, you have to hook them in, I bet you didn’t know people can create this hook. They can purchase info products online they can pay for an re-brand as their own. You might be a little confused but let me sum this up. There are people, and companies that will create hook products, such as

“Ten things that will save you thousands, you need to know before you open your first brick and mortar store.” Get your free copy here

Some one creates this product does all the research, they post that on a website and you can buy the product, rip their name off of it, if they allow it, and post that on your site as your own content. People have no idea you didn’t write it, and when they see that title, and your doing some kind of marketing to them, well they will want a copy of that report thus they trade there email address for this information.

I never wanted to just use one of those reports, I always feel I can do stuff like that myself and I think I can create some good information for those who visit my website. I had written out 10 things, and today I decided to put those on paper in electronic format so I can give this away as great information, it’s something that took me about 2 hours to put together, and it’s something that I can give away on my website that people can enjoy and it gives a little more weight to me being an authority in this space online.

After completing my first draft, I was thinking I need to get my email capture ready, so as people find my website they can enter their email, get my report or on my newsletter list, that way  I start to grow my email list. Sorry to throw yet another bit of information at you, yes emails are like gold in this business. I would say just about any email, but that’s not true, if your selling shoes and your email list is about swimming. Most people on your list will not really click too often on that link. Your site is about swimming and so selling shoes is not going to do that well, unless they are some aquatic swimming shoes that you can wear from the beach to the ocean catch my drift.

Just so you know I host my website with a company I’ve been with for more then 10 years, they are great and I now buy my domains at www.domainjockey.com (I own this website) I never used to promote my websites at all it just felt kind of slezzy, but now that I’m really giving my business a run, and my ideas are flowing like the nile I might as well.  I sell (.com) domains for $9.99 honestly I only make about $1 per domain, but that’s ok I purchase a lot of domains so I use the discount myself and at this time I’m the only person who buys them, but if your looking for a domain please give us a try the cost is great and service is fast.

Today was not a total failure in my eyes, but my goal of getting some new campaigns in place on Facebook and choosing some new products to offer was pretty much a wash, see how distractions get you off your path.

We will talk again tomorrow, I need to concentrate on posting some Affiliate links so I can start tracking some possible revenue, all this theory is ending up not bringing in any new money.


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