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Day 1 – How to make your first $1000 online follow the process

Business Man

If not now when? if not me then who?

I want to use my website to track my success, failure, and over all daily updates about my venture into creating income online.  I know many people try to create income online, and I wanted to take a different approach to show just how hard, or easy this will be when I dedicate myself to one task.  2017 is the year that I promise myself I would work on me, and where I want to be with my life going forward working for myself is my #1 Goal for 2017.

I’m not trying to get Rich, while Money and Fame are important to some, I truly only want to be able to life the life I want on my terms, travel when I want, and be able to pay my bills on a monthly basis, and I hope while on my journey I end up doing something that I LOVE to do.

This blog will record my everyday for the month of July 2017, what I did, or didn’t do with my business.  I’m gonna try and stay away from my personal life cause I just want to concentrate on this online business. So I can show others how I did it and what you can do to follow in my foot steps for FREE If I succeed.

I started this morning with my thoughts on learning a little bit more about Affiliate Marketing, while there are programs on the internet about this, I’m not going to purchase another program this entire year, as I’ve already bought more programs then I can complete.

This is my first lesson to anyone who decides to create an online business, don’t get sucked into the vast pool of programs that are marketed to you, over, and over, and over again. This was a major downfall in my failure up to this point,  to crate any kind of income for 2017. I was doing Social Media Marketing, Amazon FBA, How to make money Blogging, Shopify and I also bought some programs that can make me money, but I never understood how to use this ie, clickfunnels, mail chimp and others.

So far this year here are my numbers for 2017 income:

January $0.00

February $0.00

March $0.00

April $0.00

May $21.94 :: 1014 visitors

June $14.02 :: 74 visitors

Honestly nothing to tell the world about, but it was a small amount that let me know anything is possible, I sat after my first sale, and really didn’t know what to do, I was happy, and scared at the same time, but ultimately this avenue was able to make money. I then debated, and over thunk it too much, and didn’t push further, I had created a niche website (meaning I created a specific website that only catered to a specific group) this caused me to have to rethink my whole site. The fad faded for the products I was selling and I am back to the drawing board.

Today I was supposed to get deep into clickfunnels which is a program that allows you to create landing pages and opt in pages for websites, that help you convert clicks on your links into customers. I open click funnels and looked at their top affiliates for one of their programs, and decided to look up a couple of the success stories, not to see if they were real, but to see if I could tell what they were doing and how they were doing it. I wasted probably and hour or two just on that alone, I won’t give you the links cause if I do you may want to do the same thing and I don’t want you to loose focus.

So while I was think about clickfunnels education today, I am thinking I should re-brand my Shopify account for a more broad fan base, ultimately this will let me pivot my brand position and move my site into a overall general direction or general sales website, this is something that was said when I started that course but like a dumb ass I decided to do what I wanted and did the cardinal rule most hear but don’t do. Its always said “Don’t try and invent the wheel, just follow the formula” If there is a second take away from this post today you just read it, and incase you didn’t “Don’t try and invent the wheel, just follow the formula”.

Below I’m going to post some links to my  stuff online if it’s running or failing I don’t care I want you to see the results.

Clickfunnels Affiliate link

GetResponse Affiliate link

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