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It,s one of those days disappointment.

You know the kind of day you knew would come but you didn’t really prepare for exactly. The past 16 months have been up and down I thought by now I would be able to quit my job, make some good income and just be cool with life. But I messed up tried to charge my way up the ladder didn’t follow the systems set before me jumped around all over the place and in the end I hurt my wife’s heart.

I thought I could make it all back, I convinced myself that I could learn my way out of the hole I was digging, but it was just me tricking myself nothing more. I thought I understood traffic, offer people something they want for free and they will be on your side, that works right well yes and no it works but takes time.

I tried ranking videos on youtube some worked some didn’t I finally reached 12 subscribers things didn’t pan out I just kept digging this hole thinking I could eventually make stairs and get out but that didn’t happen.

Honestly I have no one to blame but myself and now Im just broken, honestly I try and stay as positive as possible but tonight is just pushing me to the edge. My lead generation is crap right now I just got a lot of weight on my shoulders I don’t know what to do next its crazy how you trick yourself I know theres a way out I just don’t know how right now.

Understand this has nothing to do with blaming anyone except myself, I just don’t know where to turn next, I’m at that imaginary crossroad I gotta turn left and keep grinding, or turn right and drop it all right now cut my losses and whimper away licking my wounds like a hurt puppy.

People say there comes a point where you have to choose, you must make a choice… i am there the funny thing is it feels like I almost there at cracking the code, but i am at the point now where I keep asking how long can you keep this up?

Is this really going to work out? Thanks for listening.

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